Sailing is a perfect way to relax and watch the world slowly pass by, whether you are an experienced yachtsman or just someone who wants to have a good time. All you need to do is charter a vessel and be ready to embark on an adventure on the water. Where to sail is entirely up to you. In the USA, there is no shortage of choices. Here are some of the best places to sail in the USA.

Catalina Island, California

Sail your way to Catalina Island and make Los Angeles as your starting point. People are fond of it because it is close to the mainland yet with the feel of serenity. There are a lot of different types of sailing experience to choose from here and all good for sailors of different experience levels. There are also those who offer open adventures and private charters. And the best part is since California is generally feasible for sailing all year, you can do it anytime you want all year.

Catalina Sailing ABTECH Sport

San Juan Islands, Washington

San Juan Islands is much nearer to the mainland Canada that in the US. You can expect much colder weather since it usually snows on mainland Washington, however, the islands stay dry throughout the winter. Here, you get a lot of boating and sailing adventures and services options. Also, there are national parks around San Juan which can also be fantastic anchor destinations.

Newport, Rhode Island

If you are planning a sailing trip to the East Coast, consider the one in Newport. It offers a lot of great boating scenes. Its beauty attracts many boaters from different parts of the world and is considered as the "Sailing Capital of the World". The place has an extremely stunning shoreline so beautiful to see while on the boat. You can also watch regatta and there are also operators offering yacht tours. There are even one offering sailing lessons for adults.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is not just an island for vacation but if you can also find a lot of things to do here including sailing. In fact, ancient Hawaiians had more than 30 names for the winds on the island. Sailing can be non-stop here even during winter season.