Old-school or not, there are beachside behavioral advise that have been observed even as early as 19th or 20th centuries. Let’s make sure these good manners are observed to enjoy your day at the beach.

1. Stay classy by not littering

Throwing your rubbish away definitely helps keep the beach clean but it is more than just that. It keeps you classy. Why, isn’t it classy being neat? Trashes would not only make the beach but also you, horrendous, ghastly and uncultured.

2. Avoid playing music too loud

Portable radios are in decades ago and some beachgoers have this bad habit of blasting music from it. Nowadays, noise and loud music coming from smartphones. Don’t disturb your neighbors enjoying the serenity of the beach with loud music you play. You can turn the volume low or use headphones.

3. Avoid hogging beach chairs

Sure, you may need to go away to either go back to your hotel room or just to stay under shaded areas. If you need to go away longer, don’t be selfish by monopolizing the beach chairs. Either put your belongings and come back right away or leave the chairs open for other users.

4. Bring only simple picnic food

Avoid the hassle of bringing elaborate salads and gourmets for picnic food. Just bring the basics. Save your fancy dishes for a party at home.

5. Don’t throw sand

Of course, getting active by the shore is not bad. You can play with sand but do it far away from the crowd. Be respectful to other beachgoers, especially those who are sunbathing or lying on the sand. I’m pretty sure if you are in their shoes, you don’t want to get interrupted by a pile of sand on your face.

6. It’s not cool to flirt with lifeguards by pretending to drown

If you do it, you are wasting the lifeguard’s time. What if somebody else needs real help and no lifeguard is available because they had to attend to you. This is an unsafe practice. Don’t be the boy (or girl) who cry wolf.