When training/practicing to become a swimmer or just wanting to learn the skill, mental training is very important. No, it doesn’t mean your brain is busted. Mental training aka mind setting helps you focus on the process and can help you straighten up to become better at your [swimming] skill.

These are the things you will enjoy when that working on your mindset will do for you and become a better swimmer.

Enjoying your practice or even doing mundane task

    Sometimes, it is hard to focus when practicing strokes. It’s even tougher when doing humdrum tasks. But when you practice mind setting, you are training your mind not to wander. It helps you be present and get yourself engaged in whatever you are doing.

    Getting a more positive perspective

      How do you react when you have a bad practice or when you didn’t do something right? Does the negative emotion linger on you and lead you to swim poorly? Once you have improved your mindset, it will also improve your perspective to recover from setbacks and have a more positive outlook.

      Better in dealing with distractions

        During swim practice, you may get distracted by the people around you – perhaps your family or friends or the cute lifeguard on standby. But if you have trained to have a clearer mindset, you will get to focus on the things you need to get done, which is also applicable in doing any day-to-day tasks.

        How to make your self-talk work for you

          As you are doing your swim practice, you may hear a voice in your head telling you anything, from "I feel great or I feel like a crap in the water". Self-talk is the key to start your mental training. It is you who gets to decide what you tell yourself and your body will follow. " Whatever your mind can conceive, the body can achieve".