Fishing activity has everything – enjoyment, beautiful memories and sumptuous dinner afterward. No doubt, a lot of people love fishing. All you need is a fishing rod and a bait then you’re good to go. The only thing left is looking for the perfect spot for good fishing. Pack your bags now and prepare to embark the best fishing areas around the world.

Oostduinkerke, Belgium (Shrimp)

The tradition of shrimp fishing at Oostduinkerke, Belgium has started 500 years ago when prawn fishermen rode sturdy stallions to gather the North Sea’s fruits de mer – the Belgian Grey Shrimp. They ride on a horse as they galloped into the sea with dragging nets and a wooden carriage to scare the shrimp. Although, this 4-legged fishing can only be done by experts but sometimes, they allow lucky tourists to score a ride.

River Basin, Congo (Goliath tigerfish)

If you want a spine-tingling fishing experience, head to Congo and join the hunting of goliath tigerfish. This fish is Africa’s version of piranha with a temper just as sharp as their teeth. This barbaric marine creature is known to attack humans and brawl flying birds. If you’re in for this kind of adventure, it is advisable to join an organized excursion for your safety.

Brainerd, Minnesota USA (Ice fishing)

If you love to dig holes in the ice, your dream fishing destination would be the very well-frozen Gull Lake in Brainerd, a central-Minnesota town. You can join the annual Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza and who knows? You might be one of the lucky winners of US$150,000 worth of prizes.

Umba River, Russia (Salmon)

Umba is famous for Salmon fishing. This is a haven for Salmon anglers as you can score low-priced salmons in this area. It also has scenic picturesque and a fantastic Umba timber lodge – one of the most sophisticated lodges on the entire Kola Peninsula where visitors can have a good meditation right in the middle of the wilderness.