Swimming in oceans and pools are fun but jumping in a freshwater lake is also one good way to cool off during summer. While not all lakes are safe for swimming, you will know that a freshwater lake is healthy if it is surrounded by trees and vegetation which actually help prevent soil erosion. In the US, here are some of the best freshwater lakes you and your family can enjoy having a picnic or relax in or dive into for a swim.

Crater Lake

Located in the shell of the collapsed volcano Mount Mazama in south-central Oregon, Crater Lake is known as the deepest lake in the US. It has no inlets or tributaries, which makes the waters of Crater Lake some of the purest in the world because it has no pollutants. Though the lake is covered with snow most of the year, visitors can still take a refreshing dip from late June to late October. It is 1,943 feet deep and those daredevils who tried to jump off a 20-foot-tall (6 ft) rock into the lake were still unable to get anywhere near its bottom.

Bottomless Lakes

The Bottomless Lakes State Park in New Mexico is not exactly bottomless. The lakes were formed by 17 to 90 feet deep sinkholes. The greenish-blue color gives an illusion that the lakes are extremely deep. The visitors though would enjoy a peaceful and quiet surrounding. They can also swim, camp, fish, kayak, horseback ride, hike, bird watch and scuba dive.

Lake McConaughy

Lake McConaughy is the largest reservoir in Nebraska. There are also a lot of water sports and boating activities here. It is also ranked as one of the top three areas in the country that is best for bird watching with 360 different species of birds that make this area their home.  

Echo Lake

This lake in Acadia National Park, Maine is one of the best family vacation destinations. The water depth is only 66 feet and the area is surrounded by lifeguards during summer months. Echo Lake is also a photographers haven, as you will never run out of spectacular views and surrounding trails for hikes.