Who doesn’t want to chill in a pool? And who doesn’t want a pool with breathtaking views? Yes, because not all swimming pools are created equal. There are pools all over the world that get all the attention for having a spectacular view. These are the best swimming pools in the world with views that are to die for.

Hanging Gardens of Bali - Indonesia

The Hanging Gardens of Bali is described as a modern wonder of the world. This posh 7-star Boutique Hotel is overlooking the Ayung River. Each villa has their own infinity pool and a spectacular view of the Balinese jungle, with lush flora and fauna and some animals like huge butterflies, beautiful birds, cheeky lizards & hummingbirds. Sometimes, you can even see some monkeys smiling. These tiered pools are settled on top of a cliff with the surrounding rainforest which gives swimmers an experience of floating above the trees. No wonder, they got the “World’s Best Swimming Pool” by Condé Nast Traveller.

Grace Santorini – Greece

This award-winning hotel offers fancy accommodation with panoramic sea views. But this is not just your average luxury hotel. Even the restaurant has an elegant view of the Aegean Sea as its backdrop. That same view gives its plunge pools a dramatic setting plus the stunning view of the caldera.  Most honeymooners love its romantic setting.

Tassia Lodge, Lekurruki Ranch – Kenya

If you want to experience elephants and African wild dogs up close and personal while swimming, then you must come to Tassia Lodge, Lekurruki Ranch in Kenya. This hotel gives you a feeling of isolation and connection you may have never experienced anywhere. Their stunning infinity pool is overlooking a conservation land that is hundreds of miles wide. There aren’t any person or road in view, just purely bushes and trees.

Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara – Oman

You will love the tranquility of this Middle Eastern beauty. You will love how it feels being in an oasis between a beach and a freshwater lagoon. The seemingly-endless infinity pool with amazing sea, powdery, palm view gives you a refreshing treat. In fact, there are 691 palm trees shading the entire resort. Whether lounging at the beach, soaking up on the pool, exploring the surrounding cliff, and having a glimpse of Oman’s cultural treasures through its cuisines, you will never run out of things to do here.

Casa No Tempo, Lisbon – Portugal
If you are tired of luxury, coming to Casa No Tempo can be a breath of fresh air. Here, you will experience a minimalist haven in a Portuguese countryside. Originally a humble farmhouse, the owners renovated the property and made it available for rental so guests have access to the farm’s harvest of