Family beach trips are exhilarating but sometimes, can get amiss especially when you have babies and other stuff to take care of. We’ve rounded up some best products (and its brand names) to bring to make your next family beach trip more worthwhile.

Umbrella Hooks

Have fun all day without worrying if you lost the camera or if someone stepped on your phone or glasses. Umbrella hooks will be of good use in this case. It only costs 10 bucks but keeping your sanity is priceless.

Floatable Waterproof Phone Case

No one is happy when phones get ruined. Have your phones safe from water and sand with this dry bag/phone case. The bag itself is waterproof, made from premium grade material for tough conditions. And it floats so no need to worry about missing your device.

Big Portable Cooler

If you have a large family or just simply wants to bring lots of food and drinks, there is a certain brand named Picnic Plus Tub Cooler. It can hold over 72 cans or beverages where you can fill the inside with ice. Your drinks can stay cool for hours.

Sand Wipe-off Mitt

Keeping yourselves free from sand is now easy with Sand-Off! Sand Wipe Off Mitt. This gadget makes you leave sand on the beach and makes you and your family clean.

Beachfront Baby Wrap

This brand called Beachfront Baby is warm and mesh wrap that is super versatile. Many mothers use it every day, all year long. But you can take it to the beach while swimming with your baby as it is also quick to dry.

Portable Ventura Reclining Seat

Enjoy beach bumming with Picnic Time Portable Ventura Reclining Seat. Its cushion is made of polyester so it is durable enough plus it makes you comfortable.