Now, you want to take your underwater and diving skills and hobbies to the next level. You now want to capture those moments where you see the most amazing marine creatures or exhilarating underwater sights and share it with your friends. Let us check the best dive locations for underwater photography for Pelagics, Coral Reefs, Wrecks and Mucks.

Carmel and Monterey Bays, California – USA

These bays may have been divided by a small peninsula, both they got something in common: both have kelp forests and incredibly diversified marine life. Seeing giant jellyfishes, sea lions and otters are what keeps most divers visit here but it is their kelp forests that make a wonderful underwater photograph.

Chuuk, Micronesia

Diving at Chuuk Lagoon will let you have a glimpse into WWII's savage battles. In fact, tourism becomes one of the main industries in the island, which offer live-aboard diving to see hundreds of wrecks. Divers love to take shots of the Bow gun of the Fujikawa Maru, the 1930's truck in the hold of the Hoki Maru, the 2-man tank on the deck of the Nippo Maru and many others.

The Red Sea in between Asia and Africa

The Red Sea has a coral reef that is around 5000-7000 years old which makes it extraordinary. In the center, it has a very deep trench that’s around 2211 m/7254 ft deep but it also has shallow reef notable for their corals and marine life, including around 44 species of shark. Actually, around 10% of the species of fish in the Red Sea cannot be found in other places. Its depth and astonishing marine life makes this a perfect spot for underwater photography.

Cancún National Marine Park, Mexico

Cancún National Marine Park has an underwater museum called MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte). This was a project of Jason de Caires Taylor in November 2009. The 450 life size sculptures were created of pH-neutral marine concrete. Taylor hopes that the sculptures will become artificial coral reefs in the long run, however, as of now, they’re already fascinating sights to take photos with.