Tired of the usual beach destinations suggested by travel guides? Here are some of the best beach destinations in Europe that also offer unusual experiences.


Most of the beaches in Spain offer a combination of liveliness, culture and gastronomic treats. But Monsul, Andalusia is different. Located at the Cabo de Gata national park, in southern Spain, it is considered the escapists’ favorite. Why? Along with the unspoiled beach are enormous sand dunes, volcanic rocks, and fascinating landscapes. if you are in for a long walk, this is for you. But it’s all worth it as you will certainly discover more of Cabo de Gata.


Probably not known by many, Italy has a lot of different coastlines surrounded by lush nature and stiff cliffs. But for those who love being in a laidback-urban environment, Chia and Capo Teste, Sardinia is the must-visit places for you. Chia is a sleepy village located just an hour by car from Cagliari, Sardinia’s main city. But surfers and families love to chill down here. Inland, the Spartivento and Chia lagoons are breeding grounds for Flamingo. Capo Testa, on the other hand, is the wilder side of Sardinia. Everyone loves the wind-hewn granite rock formation, mountain backdrops, and gold-tinted sand.


Anyone seeking ultimate isolation must go to Palagruza, Dalmatian coast. This remote islet with the rocky setting is less than a mile long. But it is famous for its ancient year 1875 lighthouse and barren slopes that give you a spectacular seascape view from above. Palagruza remains uninhabited and its two impeccable pebble beaches, Stara Vlaka and Veli Zal, offers visitors shallow turquoise-blue water and blissful solitude. No one will bother you there.


The Comporta Beach in Alentejo has an over 7-mile shoreline but with barely a person on it, unless it is peak season. Visitors would enjoy the bleached-white sand, Blue aquamarine, sand dunes, fresh fish, paddy fields where you can see storks accompanying you and authentic Portugal culture and cuisine that can be found on the beach.