Travelling has greatly evolved. Gone are the days when people don’t have that much option other than to stay in standardized hotels. More and more travelers want to explore the world in their own ways. Hence, glamping was born.

Glamping is a portmanteau of glamour and camping, but it’s more than just staying in a nice tent. It’s a way to experience the wild, most natural parts of the world without having to sacrifice or potentially damage other creature’s natural habitat but with amenities that are not usually seen in traditional camping. Let’s explore some of the many types of glamping accommodations around the world.


Not your typical, do-it-yourself types of tent. No need to pitch. These tents offer even the fanciest bathroom amenities and most comfortable beds. You can relax and enjoy the nature all you want and these luxury glamping tents will take care of the rest. Some of the best tents are in Pueblo Barrancas, Uruguay and Chiawa Camp in South Africa. 


Many luxury property owners offer cabineering. It provides guests a home comfort + luxury hotels’ special amenities in some of the most remote and spectacular parts of the world. Enjoy cabineering at Vista Verde Guest Ranch, Colorado, USA; Colibri Camping in Bolivia, or at La Lancha in Guatemala.


Tipis/tepees are built in a triangular shape to allow it to stay warm during winter and cool during summer. But the tipis these days are furnished with modern amenities to ensure comfort and unforgettable experience in nature. You can find tepees in Kumsheen Rafting Resort, Canada; Noosa Glamping, Australia or at A Tierra, Portugal.

Wagons/Shepherd Huts

One of the unique types of glamping, wagons, and huts brings you back to the era where these are used in traveling across the rural English countryside. Find wagons accommodation at Wagon stays Luxury Escape in New Zealand, Eco Camp Glenshee in Scotland UK or at Le Village Tours in France.


These two are getting more popular because of the nostalgic experience it gives. It is portable enough that it can be driven around to various places or it can also be a permanent placement at any destination. These are available at Maui Motorhomes, Australia; Luxury RV in the USA or at Castle Coast Campers in the UK.