There are some watersports that are so popular, some are not. We have swimming, diving and barefoot skiing for individual sports, to name a few. Also, some team watersports are Dragon Boat Racing, water polo, and whitewater rafting. Some people are drawn to watch synchronized swimming in the Summer Olympic Game, others want to do the sport themselves. Here are some watersports that you may not be that familiar with that you can try in the future.


Picigin (pronounced as [pit͡sǐgiːn]) is a traditional ball game from Croatia that is played on the beach. It is an amateur water sport in which players have to keep a small ball from touching the water. The sport began in 1908 when a group of Croatian students from Prague found it hard to play water polo in shallow waters. Hence, the game was born. There are no strict rules in this game. It is only played according to tradition. The main goal is to make sure the ball won’t hit the water and is in the air as long as possible.


This is a water activity and a sport at the same time. An aqua jogger moves in the water in a straight up position with the help of purpose-made buoyancy belt. This belt is used to help maintain the position. Aquajogging started in the US as an exercise for pre and post-surgery patients as well as elderly and overweight people. It has been proven suitable for those people since it has a low impact on the joints. It is done in pools.


This is an aquatic sport in a surf style. The participant is towed on a board behind a motorboat.  The rider would bend their knees on their heels on the board. Then, they secure themselves to the deck using an adjustable Velcro strap on their thighs. Just like water skiing o wakeboarding, the rider is hanging onto a tow rope.