Most families love to spend their time at the beach for a summer vacation. But one small mistake might spoil all the fun – when someone gets sick, injured or die (worst case scenario) or when you run out of cash. This article is not to scare you at all. Just consider this a reminder that yes, vacations are great especially if it is on a beach. But there are risks if you would not be careful and prepare in advance.

See these tips on how to have a great time at the beach, while staying safe.
1. Plan a budget

If you are now thinking about summer vacation this early, then yes you still have plenty of time to gather your resources and keep a budget. It sucks when you run out of cash while you’re sipping a margarita in the middle of the yacht. Okay, that might be extreme but you get the point. Plan everything and take into account all the expenses this trip might incur: transportation expenses (might include airfare, gas for your car, rental fees or public transportation fare); hotel accommodation, food, entrance fees, and all fees associated with the trip such as rental fees for surfboards. Include a budget for miscellaneous items like souvenirs bought at seaside shops.

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2. Check the place

It is very important that you know the place. This is not just simply researching for accommodation and stuff like that. It includes knowing wave conditions and water currents. It is recommended that you ask local lifeguards about the wave condition beforehand. Be mindful of local warnings. Wind generates waves and stronger currents might be too much for average swimmers and adventurous children. This would allow you to plan if the place is good for you and your family especially with small kids around.

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3. Be cautious on alcohol

A lot of cases of drowning and injuries are sometimes caused by alcohol consumption. Depending on how hard the alcoholic drink is or the alcohol content, even a single shot can weaken your good judgment. It is always a great idea to stay sober especially when you are swimming with your little children. It will allow you to keep an eye on them at all times or, if you are the one in trouble (let say you fall off a boat), it would be easier for you to swim to safety if you mind is in clear.

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5. Take a break from time to time

To avoid sunburn, heat stroke, hypothermia or even exhaustion, do not spend all your time at the water all day long. Take a break every hour. Drink some water, have a meal, reapply sunscreen or head to the restroom. It also lets you replenish your energy and see if everybody is okay.

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6. Free to look but not to touch

The vibrant marine life is so attractive that sometimes, you can’t help but get tempted to touch them when you are swimming, snorkeling or diving. Sometimes, these creatures wash up on the shore. Teach your kids not to touch them as they might hurt those or those could hurt the kids instead. Train them to only take a look but not get too close to their safety and the marine life’s safety as well.

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