Okay, it is your first-time snorkeling and you need a snorkel mask. Now you are thinking to buy or rent one, right? Before you do that consider reading this post to help you to choose the right snorkel mask for you.

1. Make sure it does fit

We do not have the same shape as a face. Hence, it is important to choose a snorkel mask that fits you! Make sure that the skirt is doing its job. What is a skirt? It is the rubber-like portion of your mask that masks contact with your face. Check if it is sealed properly against your face. Do this to avoid problems like fogging, and leaking.

2. Check the materials

In buying your own mask, you want to make sure of the materials it is made of. Of course! It is advisable to buy a mask with a skirt that is made from silicone. Silicone mask lasts for many years. Avoid rubber because it tends to become brittle and cracky over time.

3. Visibility

You want your mask to allow you to see even your peripheral vision. Check with your mask, roll your eyes from left to right and in all directions. Are you seeing your peripheral view? Make sure you do.

4. Lens

Get a good lens. Others will tell you to get a lens that is “no fog”. Okay, there is no lens that does not fog. Get at least the one with low fog. If you want to try the ones with tints, go ahead. These lenses with tints can make images clearer because it was created to cut down the glare. You need this, you are under the sun after all.