Kids love to discover new things. Why not have them explore underwater too? How? Yes, bring them with you on your next vacation and SNORKEL. So, how to introduce snorkeling to kids? Here is a list of our tips for parents. Continue reading!

1. Practice in shallow waters

Not all kids are brave to conquer the water. The key is to make them comfortable with it. Spend time with them in shallow waters and make them feel comfortable until they are confident. Make sure they can stand on the water anytime to minimize the fear that your kid might experience during the practice.

Introduce Snorkeling to Kids ABTECH Sport

2. Make them familiar with their gear

If you need to be familiar with your gear, so as your kid. It may be too much for him but it is important that he knows the functions of each part of his gear. That will make him safe underwater.

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It is advisable to choose a snorkel set with a good fit. Children are irritated with ill-fitting masks, water leaking int the glass, or when the straps pull or sticking on their hair. Make their familiar with the mask first. Let them play with it in the water and once they are already comfortable with their mask then you can start introducing the other parts/pieces.

3. Buddy System

It is a must that you are always with your kid underwater. It is one way of making them calm and secure while snorkeling. Kids feel comfortable if they are with someone they trust. Hold their hand or their life vest to make sure you stick together underwater. When you do this, you can prevent both of you from being swept away by currents, and this will avoid your kid to panic or get frightened.

Introduce Snorkel Mask ABTECH Sport

4. Life Vest

This is an option. Not every kid can swim so just for added safety, give them a life vest! Give a vest especially to younger kids.