Fishing is a great family activity that allows each family member to bond and get much closer. It is also one good way to teach children that there is more to life than computers, Xboxes, and iPads. Fishing also lets kids enjoy the wonders of nature, inhale fresh air and experience the beauty of wildlife. Also, as long as the bait is presented properly, a fish is sure to bite no matter who is holding the other end of the line. Having said that, a toddler as young as two can actually start fishing as long as he/she is accompanied by parents or an adult family member. Here are some of the best ways to introduce fishing to kids.

Arouse their interest in fishing
  • Bring your children to have a walk along lakes, rivers, and shores. Do this when the weather is sunny.
  • Look for people doing fishing. Have a look at their catch and talk about the fishes. Make sure your child is listening.
  • Make the trip as short as possible so children won’t get bored.
  • Read the stories or buy a fishing magazine with pictures to build up excitement.

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Prepare in advance for that big day
  • Bring snacks and plenty of drinks. Take a break.
  • Bring insect repellents and first aid kids.
  • Take chairs or a blanket where you can sit once the child gets tired of standing holding a rod but not catching any fish
  • Plan other activities or games to do in case there is no catch.
Have the right equipment
  • Ensure that you get a child-sized equipment. This is for the child to feel comfortable and to master the fishing skill.
  • Wear a properly sized US Coast Guard approved life vest or flotation device, especially when fishing from a pier, boat or any deep water.
Teach the child the skills below. Make sure you have prepared for this as well.
  • How to use a rod
  • How to tie a proper fishing knot
  • How to rig the line
  • How to safely cast

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by Don Hannah

Prepare the child’s rod and reel. Don’t have their spinning reel half filled with line so they require a huge bobber to compensate for casting difference. This is something I see a lot. Some anglers even continue to do this as an adult.

Small, stealthy bobbers with a minimum amount of terminal tackle will result in fast action. Target a specific species. If you go for bluegills use a properly sized hook for bluegills.

My dad showed me how to tie a clinch knot. It was easy and served me well for years. Then I learned more advanced knots.

Catfish are a good target species. Fishing shallow is often the key to success. Try that three to eight foot depth range. Deeper water is often devoid of food and or oxygen.