You may be one of those who heavily invested in their swim gears. That’s one good reason enough to take care of them. Proper maintenance on your swim gears will extend their lifespan and of course, keep them clean and odor free. Below are some tips on how to take care of your swim gears.


It is highly recommended to rinse them with water before hanging them dry. Please, NEVER wrap them in your tower, stuff them inside the bag and forget about them afterward. This will make them lose their elasticity, fade their color and smell bad! It is also good to rinse Lycra suits with vinegar and water solution before swimming. Make 1 part vinegar to 3 parts of water and soak the swim gears for a few hours. You can also look for products that help expand the lifespan of fabrics exposed to chlorine.


To maximize your usage, don’t forget to always dry your swim caps. Also, put on some baby powder in between uses. This would help prevent the cap tear easily and it also helps them slide on your head more quickly.

Water shoes/socks

Always follow the rinse and dry rule if you are concerned about chlorine damage and if you want to make your water shoes and socks last longer. Please, resist the temptation of leaving them wet inside your bag. They will get contaminated with mildew and would make them stink.

Water weights

Water weights with neoprene casing need to be dried thoroughly. Do not let them stuck inside your bag and stink. Let them air out in between uses to avoid mildew and bad smell.


Goggles are low maintenance. Most of you may want to keep it in a pouch or box. But before doing so, at least pat them dry.