In today’s era, we are always bombarded with loads of ideas and information. Tons of travel tips are just one click away via Google and there are also countless reviews and travel sites available on the internet. However, with all these information overloads, we tend to forget how to enjoy the moment, especially when out there for a vacation. We are listing you some tips on how to make your trip more enjoyable.

Take it slow

One surefire way of wrecking your own vacation is putting too many activities and itineraries. Less is more may be a cliché. But it would make your vacation less stressful. Why? Because you don't expect too much by thinking you will visit more. Slow travel, on the other hand, makes you take time in exploring fewer destinations, making your travel experience more meaningful compared to following a whirlwind schedule. If you are on a beach, taking time to island hop just a few islands per day is more intimate than visiting 10 islands in 1 day, which is extremely exhaustive.

Hire a guide or join a group

You may have heard that hiring a guide will not make you explore the area more and is only for amateurs. This is not always true. What if you get lost in a river in a jungle and see wild animals and you are alone. Hiring a guide will help you spot a wildlife and will help you get to the best destinations quickly especially for short vacations.

Take the off the beaten paths

This means travel during low season or head on to the less crowded beaches (or any destinations). Crowded areas may also mean longer wait time or dealing with noise and high energy from other people.

Don’t rely on reviews too much

It is better to experience yourself on hand as reviews can be very subjective. If you want suggestions, try asking a local instead.