It’s sad to know that a lot of our rivers today have been harmed, contaminated and polluted. Poorly built dams resulted in floods that left natural ecosystems completely destructed. Despite all of that, there are rivers that are kept unspoiled and well-maintained and even come with stunning landscapes. Check out some of those and visit when you can.

Kenai River, Alaska

The water of Kenai River is actually a ‘meltwater’, from melted glacial ice that comes from alpine forests. What could be a more picturesque waterway than a river with turquoise blue water, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and bounteous wildlife? The place has also been a prime spot for fishing for thousands of years.

Colorado River, Arizona

Nothing is more jaw-dropping than seeing a river with aquamarine water swiftly gushing around steep canyon walls. That’s what makes the beauty of Colorado River incomparable and exceptional.  With its pristine beauty, naturalists adore it, photographers love it. Adding to its beauty are the dramatic, red-tinged canyons and placid landscapes. You can either book a rafting jaunt or multi-day hike to get the most of your Colorado River experience.

Snake River, Wyoming

It is believed that the quaint view of Snake River is the aftermath of glacial erosion in the last Ice Age. The 1,000-mile river is surrounded by furrowed mountains, deep-seated valleys and lurching plains – natural beauty at its best.

Lewis River, Washington

This one is another river that is surrounded by unspoiled nature. It has upper and lower falls, but the latter is more popular. The place can be reached by hiking the trails of Eagle Cliff Park where you will see astonishing scenery overlooking the entire place.  Some of the most popular activity to enjoy here is kayaking.

Hudson River, New York

Since the early 1600s, the Hudson River has been famous when explorer Henry Hudson discovered this magical waterway. The water of this river flows through the Hudson Valley up to the Atlantic Ocean, it then became a boundary between New York and New Jersey. The river is best seen on the eastern side as it is surrounded by undisturbed jungle and shady foliage.