If you love rivers, read on! Most of us are aware that rivers are also great spots for ultimate water adventures. Here we list some bustle you can do in the river and turn on your adrenaline rush.

Whitewater Rafting

This outdoor activity requires you to use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or a body of water. As the name itself says, this is done in whitewater or varying degrees of rough water. It has six scales of difficulty, ranging from simple to extremely dangerous. Of course, if you are a newbie, the highest level is not recommended for you.

Urban Paddling

Urban paddling is just a fancy term for kayaking or canoeing right in front of your doorsteps. This means you can do it anywhere, even within your city. And this also means that when it comes to adventure, you don’t have to go somewhere remote. In the US, you can do this in New York, as it is literally surrounded by water. San Francisco also has a large bay (where the Golden Bridge is settled) and most of the major cities have rivers in them (like the Colorado River in Austin, Texas).

River Surfing

Its name is a giveaway – a sport of surfing in standing waves or tidal bores in rivers. In standing waves, the waves are caused by a high volume of water compressed by flowing over a rock thus generating a wave behind. Tidal bores, on the other hand, is a tidal occurrence in which the leading edge of the incoming tide creates a wave of water that goes up a river or narrow bay against its directions.


Sailing is when a vessel is moving across the water powered by wind. It can be recreational sailing aka yachting or competitive. This activity will need a recreational boat (could be powerboats or sailboats or man-powered vessel) or yacht.