First time snorkeling? To be honest with you, snorkeling for the first time can be a scary experience and could be dangerous. Worry no more! This post will help you to have a wonderful first time snorkeling experience.

Keep reading for you to enjoy snorkeling and discovering the underwater world!

1. It is an advantage if you know how to swim

Although you can snorkel with a life jacket, it is more enjoyable if you know how to swim. Swimming can take you far where corals and life underwater is even more marvelous than in the shallows.
2. Choose the correct gear
You cannot snorkel without gear. Hence, choosing the right one is vital. You need to make sure it fits you and it is comfortable wearing.
Make sure you have the following:
  • Snorkel – You do not want water coming down your snorkel. Hence, invest in a dry one. Dry snorkel is equipped with life-saving valves that seal when you go underwater with your snorkel. It is designed to keep water from coming from it. Plus at the bottom it has a purge valve, this helps you to easily blow water out of the tube. Make sure your mouthpiece is soft with flexible edge for more comfort in your mouth.
  • Mask – A dive mask not a swimming goggles. A dive mask covers your eyes and nose completely, making you breathe only through your mouth. Invest in masks that have a built-in valve that prevents masks from fogging.
  • Fins –  Make sure your fins fit and does not hurt! Check if it is too loose or too tight. Others say it is not a necessity but these are very important for your safety. These will help you save energy underwater because it gives you added force when you are swimming.
3. Prepare and Practice

Choose a shallow water to practice. You need to be prepared not only with your gears but also yourself. You need to practice to check if you are comfortable with your snorkel, mask, and fins. This is important so you will not panic when it is already the real deal.

Relax. This is key! Practice breathing with your snorkel and swim with your fins!