Snorkeling and scuba diving are two of the most popular water activities we can enjoy. When traveling to an exotic island, most people would choose any of these two given the chance. But what if you are a beginner and has just started to explore the underwater world? Which activity would you choose?  We will help you weigh your options.

Level of Difficulty
  • Snorkeling – almost anyone can do snorkeling. No special equipment and no training needed. All you need it a mask, snorkel, and fin and almost everyone can do it, even those who are non-swimmers or beginners, even kids!
  • Scuba Diving – this is more intense. This needs training and you have to be a good swimmer to do this but you will get the chance to become a part of the marine community down below. So you will get to see a lot of things surface dwellers probably won’t.
  • Snorkeling – Avid snorkelers would tell you snorkeling is a lot better because it gives you the all the enjoyment in the world to explore the marine life deep sea while being free from the burden of carrying heavy tanks and all those equipment. You get to have all the freedom of moving around underwater. The bonus part is – you don’t have an instructor stopping you at regular intervals.
  • Scuba Diving – Most scuba divers, on the other hand, would tell you that bearing all these heavy equipment is all worth it because snorkelers are only seeing a small portion of what is there underneath the ocean. They always say snorkelers miss one-half of their lives for being unable to see all the beauty under the sea. And nothing beats the pleasure of being in the water 360 degrees. Yes, there’s water on every side of you!
  • Snorkeling – Hands down, snorkeling is dead cheap. The equipment won’t cost you grand and snorkeling tours or reef expeditions don’t charge extra.
  • Scuba Diving – From equipment prices to diving tours, scuba diving definitely costs much higher. Plus, you would need to pay the instructors and staff that would help you ensure you don’t sink to the bottom of the ocean. Diving always incurs an extra fee. But if you love what you are doing, I am pretty sure you won’t mind, right?
Sun Exposure
  • Snorkeling – This is the not-so-fun part. Snorkelers get to have their backs exposed, especially if they are not wearing rash guards or wetsuits.
  • Scuba Diving – Divers get to escape the sun’s harmful rays. They can even dive at noon with the sun’s scorching heat and not worry a thing about sunburn.

At the end of the day, this would all boil down to choices. No matter how high the cost or how hard something is done, if you are willing to spend moolah, exert effort, no choice would be too difficult. For beginners and non-swimmers, I would encourage you to try snorkeling first and maybe, try diving in the future, when you are already more confident in the water.