Winter is finally over. Some of us may have stayed at home during this season because we thought there is less we can do in cold weather. But if you are someone who is always in for frenzy no matter what season or weather condition you are in, maybe you would like to try surfing in remote, cold areas. After all, waves don’t care about temperatures, right? Here are the coldest, iciest places in the world where you can do your next surfing sesh.

Kamchatka, Russia

Kamchatka is a peninsula that can be found in the Russian oriental coast. Surely, it is one of the regions that are most difficult to reach since there aren’t many roads. You would definitely need a good vehicle to get there but once you arrived, you would definitely love how unspoiled the place is for surfing. Most adventurers love the idea that not so many people go there. Where the temperature can go as low as -14 degrees during winter and 23 degrees highest during summer.

Kamchatka, Russia

Photo by 56th Parallel
Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is located on the top of Atlantic Ocean. But just looking at the country’s name, you would know how cold the place can get and that its shores are not an ideal location for surfing. However, there are a lot of waves and despite its negative temperature, the place is so worth exploring. It can go as cold as -3 in December but a lot of those who have visited there said the experience is unforgettable.

Lofoten, Norway

Norway as a country has a massive shoreline, larger than that of the USA. However, some coasts are facing the Arctic so it is a must that you are prepared for an extremely cold condition. Lofoten Islands have recently become a center of media attention for being a great surfing spot inside the Arctic circle. The temperature there can get as low as -5 in December.

Tofino, Canada

Tofino is a treated as a surfing village on the west coast of Vancouver, British Colombia. The place is beautifully edged with pine trees and snow-capped mountains and temperature ranges between 3 to 19 degrees Celsius. But the waves are consistent, making the area a surfer haven especially during summer.