Glamping (glamorous camping) was born because adventurers want something unorthodox. It is a kind of escape where you enjoy the most secluded spot of nature but with all the luxury amenities that don’t harm the environment. Let us take a look at some of these unforgettable glamping sites around the world.

Glamping type: Tent (river/stream)
Location:  Argentina

Ypora is an eco-friendly site inside the Delta del Paraná Biosphere Reserve. Local natural or recycled materials have been used to construct the site. They use solar or wind energy for electricity and meals are cooked on a wood fire then eaten in an open-air community dining area. Rainwater is harvested and heated on biodigester and solar heater to produce hot water. You can enjoy activities like canoeing, wildlife watching and earn about natural construction and alternative energies.

Desert Luxury Camp
Glamping type: Tent (desert)
Location: Morocco

Experience luxury and Berber hospitality in the middle of the desert. The camps are settled in the sand e Activities to enjoy are camel trekking and riding, sandboarding, guided walks, visiting the oasis, visiting the not-so-nomadic nomads, and enjoying the evening’s informal music and drumming around the campfire.

Glamping type: Unusual (bus)
Location: Iceland

A unique kind of glamping, Esjan’s name was derived from the magnificent mountain that soars above the farm. Upon entering the bus, your host will offer an unforgettable adventure as you tour around National Parks, a Geyser, a Blue Lagoon as well as Lava Fields and Hot Springs to mention but a few.

Museum Hotel
Glamping type: Unique (museum)
Location: Turkey 

Unique is actually an understatement when describing Museum Hotel as it is built with historical features. Some are preserved, others are beautifully restored to make guests experience history and ruins from the ancient times. You will get to enjoy caves, deserts, and mountains when you get here.

Nomad Xperience
Glamping type:  Tepee/Yurts
Location: Spain

Nothing gives you more of a romantic, nomad feels than the tepees and yurts set at the foot Sierra Nevada range. Here, you will get to immerse the beautiful nature surrounding the mountain. You can join organized excursions in nature like canoeing in Rio Verde, kayaking, hiking and many more.