Escapaders around the world, hear ye! We all know that traveling is super fascinating. However, there are a few of us who can’t manage to keep up jet-setting around the world, visiting populous places or attending crowded events/ festivals without getting sick. Colds and flu viruses can be caught anywhere. So here are some of the tips we will share on how to stay healthy while on the go.

Take care of your immune system

The effectiveness of supplements and multivitamins varies from person to person and it not definite yet. But if they have worked for you in the past, it won’t hurt you either if you take them to boost your immune system, says Phyllis Kozarsky, M.D., the Centers for Disease Control’s travelers’ health consultant. Dr. Kozarsky is a frequent traveler herself and she is in favor of probiotics to improve gut health.

Sleep and rest well

Traveling can be pretty exhausting. Walking long distances, carrying luggage or crossing time zones can drain your energy. Make sure to have a long, deep sleep and allow your body to rest and replenish for you to have enough stamina for the next days of your journey. Bring shawls and small pillows so you can rest in terminals or sleep inside the vehicle.

Stay sanitized

Always keep hand sanitizers with 50 percent alcohol, cleansing wipes, nasal spray, and liquid hand soaps handy. When in airports or terminals, observe the people and stay away for at least six feet from people who are sneezing, coughing or those who look sick.

Eat healthily and cut down on alcohols and sweets

Whenever you can, eat more fruits and veggies and take it easy on meats. If you can make your own meals, the better.  Don’t consume too much alcohol as it can disrupt your sleep. Eat less sugar as well.

Slow down
Pace yourself. Try not to see the entire city or hop all the islands in one day. If you really want to get to know the entire place, think of staying longer and spread your itinerary.  Roam around but also take in-between breaks.