Encouraging your kids to learn swimming at an early age is a good idea but what if you yourself is a non-swimmer or worse, afraid of water? These tips will help you how to train your child to be comfortable in water at an early age so both of you will reap the benefits.

Start at home, during bathtime

Make the most of your bathtime and make your babies become familiar with water. Get him wet when he/she’s in the tub. Allow the water to go over his/her head and ears. A mother from the Dominican Republic says “Having water in the ears is a very strange feeling, and he might not like it, but you have to keep doing it.” Kids should start getting comfortable having water on their face when they reach 1 year old.

Be potty prepared

A lot of toddlers are not yet or has just started being potty trained. Until then, you can use swim diaper to help keep the water clean. Most diaper brands also produce swim diapers so it’s easy to get one from the market.

Use floatation devices

It’s very important to have toddlers use floating devices whenever they are in or near the water. Do this until you’re or you see your child comfortable in their ability to swim. Look for a U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation device that fits.

Practice touch supervision

Teach your child basic water safety by not letting him/her go in the water without an adult and to do touch supervision. This means an adult should ALWAYS be within arm’s reach whenever the child’s in or near the water.

Sign-up kids for swimming lesson

As early as age 3, you can already enroll your child in a swimming lesson without parents involved. It will get harder if you wait a year after year so the earlier the kid starts, the better.

Also, parents have to be role-models, too. So it’s important that mommies (and daddies) are also comfortable in the water. You can also sign up for mommy (or daddy)-and-me swimming class. Nothing’s better than you and your child learn swimming together.