You are an avid traveler. You love to embark on new adventures and satisfy the wanderlust in you. You love every sort of outdoor and water activities. However, packing stuff can be such a hassle, especially if you need to carry some documents or electronic stuff like your cell phone or mp3 player. Not to mention unsafe, as sometimes, the weather condition don’t want to work with you.


Worry no more, as you have purchased the product suitable for you needs – Waterproof Dry Bag Set. This is perfect for all those adventurers and water sports people out there. Here are the benefits of using this bag:


This bag protects your stuff and valuables from wetness, sand, dirt, and dust. So you can go on doing your water sports like kayaking, white water rafting, boating or doing any adventure like snowboarding, rock climbing or hunting, without having to worry if your stuff is safe and secure. Guaranteed to keep your valuables and other stuff dry in wet conditions.


Made from reinforced PVC tarpaulin so the weight won’t burden you.


As mentioned, our bags are made of solid PVC and with a strong D-clip, strong buckles and reinforced anchor seams. This is to ensure the bag will not break or rip apart.

Easy to Use and Low maintenance

The process of using this bag is easy and quick – all you need to do is put your gears in the bag, grab a top woven tape then roll it down tightly 3-5 times and then plug the buckle to complete the seal. It is also very easy to wipe it clean!

Perfect sizes

The bags come in 10L and 20L sizes to meet all your needs to stay dry and still be able to easily carry. The top is adjustable – just roll to hold it close.