In the movie Eat Pray Love, Julia Roberts character Elizabeth Gilbert found herself lost, confused and unhappy with her marriage. She then decided to divorce her husband and planned to embark on a journey around the world that became a quest for her to really know herself. She let herself get out of her comfort zone, sold everything she owned and took a risk just to change her life. She indulged herself with good food in Italy, learned the power of prayer and had a spiritual awakening in India and at the end of the year, fell in love with someone new in Indonesia. 

This sounds like too good to be true. After all, it is just a movie plot, albeit based on a true-to-life story. But then, it leaves me wondering: Is traveling to foreign countries helpful in our path to self-transformation?

Yes, traveling to foreign countries can help you recover from painful events in your life, help you get out of that weird, lethargic feeling or even escape from getting sued. Ok, the last one might be outrageous but who knows. Here are some things you can try doing in other countries.

The Therapy in Traveling

1. Get over a divorce or a break-up

We often hear the cliché Travel Heals. And it has been proven true.

Best place/s to visit: Germany, Italy

We all know that in Germany, most especially in Bavaria, celebrating Octoberfest is an important part of their culture. Nothing is more thirst-quenching than gulping bottles of beer like there is no tomorrow especially if you still keep bleeding. In Italy, it means pizza! Pizza is one of the best comfort food. Practice making pizza dough or pasta by hand. Trust me, it is therapeutic.

2. Fired from your dream job

Best place/s to visit: Thailand, Philippines

We all know Thailand and Philippines have lots of beaches. So yeah, why not disappear for a while after a career-ending embarrassment? Why not do beach hopping while contemplating on your next career move? You will get the best of both worlds – beaches and plenty of time to think.

3. Unable to reach your goals

Best place/s to visit: France, USA

Maybe you are aiming to be a writer but you cant get your creative juices to flow. The best thing to do in France is head to Paris, eat croissants, walk around the Arc de Triomphe and be inspired (after all, it means Arc of Victory) to be victorious in all battles of life. If it still doesn’t work, try a more reachable goal. Head on to Las Vegas and try to win in a casino or slot machine. That is more likely achievable.

4. Bouncing back from being sick

Best place/s to visit: Qatar

Health is wealth. Why not be extremely wealthy all the way. Go to Qatar, the wealthiest country in the world per capita. Experience the traditional and modern shopping. Get lost in as you score a bargain and wander the Gold Souq and Souk Waqif where you can find everything – from spices to pieces of jewelry to colorful textiles. You will discover that retail therapy is the best medicine.