Recently, more and more individuals have become hooked into snorkeling. Maybe you have friends talking about it or post about their snorkeling adventure on social media. What is so special about it?

Top Reasons to Snorkel

Those who have tried snorkeling will definitely agree that it is a fun, exciting and an adventurous activity. Not only does it allow you to see the shallow underwater, it gives you another reason to spend more time in the ocean and learning more about it. So, here are some of the best reasons why you should enjoy snorkeling too.

1. Snorkeling is a great way to spend your spare time

    Snorkeling brings a whole new level of calmness. The placidness of ocean, the zen, your body movement while in the water, the whole experience of being one with the ocean and all the amazing creatures beneath – are breathtaking moments. Some hardcore snorkelers still continue to get amazed at experiencing the ocean in its own way. You know you have limitations and you need to monitor your situation in terms of tides, but that shouldn’t stop you from carrying on doing this spectacular activity.

    2. No need learn swimming to do snorkeling

      Most of the time newbies think that they need to be swimmers to do snorkeling but actually, they don’t need to. The secret? Have a snorkeling vest. This is almost similar to a life vest except that it is designed for snorkeling. The vest would allow you to stay afloat and do basic swimming moves so you can move so different directions. Also, choose the right size for a vest and never snorkel without an experienced friend or family member.

      3. Easy to learn

      Okay, you know how to swim but you don't know how to use snorkeling gears. No worries! In most snorkeling destinations, they will teach you how to use the gears and how to be safe while snorkeling. You can practice on shallow waters first before heading off. Using the snorkeling gear is pretty easy to use that scuba diving gears so no doubt that you will learn in no time!

      4. Less equipment

        One of the most common misconceptions in snorkeling is it needs lots of stuff. But actually, it’s the opposite. There's only 4 basic snorkeling equipment you need to start your next island adventure. These are:

        • Mask - the mask is worn on the face and allows you to view the underwater world.
        • Snorkel - or the breathing apparatus. This helps you breathe while your face is submerged and allows you to save time and effort lifting your head clear of the water just to inhale some air. 
        • Fins - these are your feet gear. These are used for water locomotion. This would make any move to go greater distances easier.
        • Snorkeling Vest -  if you can swim, the vest helps you relax when you have exerted so much energy while in the water. If you can’t, at least you can still float.

        Snorkeling Gear

        5. Being with nature

        If you love snorkeling, this hobby can bring you near to nature. There’s always something about being in the ocean that makes you feel close to nature. The waves, the warm water, the sand, the sea creatures – it’s the whole experience. It brings some kind of bliss that seems soothing to the soul. Even if you are not in the water snorkeling, the sound of the waves, the fresh air and the wind blowing, is something most people would not trade for. It feels therapeutic.

        6. Up close with the marine life

        While snorkeling you learn more about the ocean and marine world. It is as always interesting! These vibrant sea animals would always look beautiful when they are in their natural habitat, just being themselves. How the fishes flip their fins, how the dolphins jump in the air, how the crabs crawl – even the scary sharks look fantastic in the water. You can only experience being with this beautiful creation if you take time being with them.

        Snorkeling Underwater

        7. A whole new world

        Work or even life, in general, can tear us down. If you are in the living in the city, the city life can be very stressful. When you are out there snorkeling, it feels like you are entering a whole new world. Immersing in the water brings a breath of fresh air. It offers you the chance to see different things you don’t get to see every day. Who wouldn’t love that?

        8. Fitness reasons

        We already know that there are health benefits for swimming and snorkeling. It burns calories, it tones muscles, it helps you breathe properly and it helps your blood circulate properly. And yes, it helps you lose weight – and there are a lot more health reasons. Who wouldn’t want that either?

        9. Relaxing time

        Aside from the reasons mentioned earlier, snorkeling brings some kind of peace, even if you are with a buddy. If you are planning to get away from everything, then snorkeling is one of the best ways to do it. Being underwater and only focusing your attention on the creatures you see underneath is an incredible experience. It gives you some kind of calmness, a different kind of serenity.

        10. Great on pictures

        Posting pictures online is always a part of everyone’s social media life. Posting snorkeling pictures is a whole new level. Your friends who are not into swimming or snorkeling would definitely love to see the beautiful marine life you have encountered with, especially if you have underwater pictures. So, go ahead and flaunt all the good snorkeling stuff you did on Facebook or Instagram!

        Do you have other reasons so others will be encouraged to go snorkeling too? Leave a comment below! If you liked this article please share it! SHARING IS CARING!