Maybe we are the type who’s always wondering what lies beneath. What’s lurking underneath the water? What are we going to discover when exploring the abyss?  We all have an idea that beneath the surface is a secret world of fishes and corals waiting for you to swim with them. There is really something about dipping into the cool waters of the ocean that seems to be soothing to an aching. Some kind of fire that burns from within that lights up your senses.

Most seasoned snorkelers may have seen all the marine creatures they could ever see. But some may not have seen what we’re about to tell you – other (crazy) stuff you can see while snorkeling and where to find them.

Come with us and treat yourself to these new locations you may want to explore in your next snorkeling adventure.
1. Different Kinds of Marine Life

This is a given. But still, even snorkeling fanatics would still get this sense-tingling feeling every time they see these vibrant marine lives. In Boracay Island, the Philippines in particular, you will see these 11 marine lives when during your snorkeling sessions: puffer fish, parrot fish, porcupine, sea cucumber, angelfish, scorpion fish, clownfish, damselfish, starfish, bannerfish, and eel.

2. Stinger-less Jellyfish

We are all taught not to get close to jellyfishes or even stay away from swimming in jellyfish-infested areas. But one of the best snorkeling destinations in the South Pacific will let you peacefully swim with them without suffering from the stinging consequences of jellyfishes. This is at Jellyfish Lake in Palau, Micronesia. You can see millions of these creatures that have been isolated from the rest of the sea. Due to swimming in predator-free water for thousands of years, these jellyfishes have lost their sting. So, you can coexist with them minus the fear.

3. Tectonic Plates

Don’t miss the chance to experience snorkeling in freezing temperature! Head on to Silfra Fissure in Iceland. You won’t believe your eyes – but here, the tectonic plates of North America and Eurasia meet. So, don your wetsuit and snorkel your way through the crystal clear water and get in awe at the colorful caves and explore the in-between plates.

4. Volcanoes

Volcanoes can be creepy because of we all now they spew hot lava. But the underwater volcanoes in Champagne Reef in Dominica will give you the feeling of swimming through a giant glass of champagne. The underwater geothermal springs vent gasses forming a bunch of warm bubbles that look like champagne (hence, Champagne Reef).

5. Shipwrecks

Most shipwrecks would require you to scuba dive just to witness it. But in Key West, Florida, the Tile Wreck is only 15 feet underwater. In Cayman Islands, they have a shipwreck that’s only 20 feet beneath the surface. These historical sceneries are super close enough to the water surface so you don’t need to go diving just to see it. Why not try this next time?

6. Underwater Museums

Culture and art lovers, hear ye! Book a trip to MUSA Underwater Museum in Cancun, Mexico. You will see statues and other extraordinary artifacts harbored on the bottom of the ocean while snorkeling at Isla Mujeres. Truly, every art lover’s eye candy!