Oceans have always been associated with danger and fear, especially during the 18th century. But this seems to be not the case anymore. The oceans or beaches are have transformed from being perilous to an exciting vacation spot. However, the ocean world is still a combination of fascinating and terrifying place. Sometimes, the reason is that of marine creatures that harm (or even eat) humans. Here are top ocean predators that scare us (and other sea creatures) to death. 


Sharks are at the top of the open ocean food chain! This is because they eat dolphins, sea lions, sting rays, any large fishes or even other sharks. Their sharp teeth can rip flesh apart, strong jaws and exemplary sensory skills make them earn the spot of being the top predator. They usually terrorize their prey, especially the old, weak and slower fishes.

Killer Whale (Orca)

Orcas actually belong to the dolphin family. Like dolphins, they hunt different kinds of fishes. That is why the Killer Whale is one of the ocean’s top predators. They even eat larger preys like Walruses, Penguins, Seagulls, Seals and other types of whales. Orcas are very much a competitive hunter that they partly leap out of the water to catch their prey.

The Great Barracuda

Barracudas are fierce, vicious kind of predators. They can grow up to 7 feet long. Barracudas are opportunistic. They love to wait for their prey and terrify them by a surprising burst of speed to overtake them. Then, they use their sharp teeth to make the catch. They mostly prey on other fishes but they also bite other large sea animals, even humans.

Blue Marlins

Blue Marlins are captivating sea creatures. They actually prey themselves, with Shortfin Mako and Great White Sharks are their predators, even if they grow up to 16 feet long. They have a dorsal fin and long, sword-like upper jaw which scientists believe Blue Marlins use to catch their prey.