Traveling is oh so fun, but that doesn’t mean we can be careless. Most extensive travelers have witnessed different kinds of scams or hustles, even the harshest crimes and most brutal mugging on the street. But these bad experiences should not discourage you all from grabbing your passport and exploring our beautiful world. Also, there is no such thing as bad or worse country to travel as crimes happen in any corners of the world. Just learn some of these basic rules of caution to make your journey more enriching. You might be surprised that most of these places can be as safe as your front porch.

Try to speak the language

This is especially helpful if you plan to stay longer. Not only it makes your travel more worthwhile but it also helps you when an emergency situation arises. There are free online that has been proven to help learn the language in 3 months or so. Once you arrive, be friendly to the locals. Chat with hotel staff, desk clerks, street vendors, cab drivers, waiters, and shopkeepers. Get to know them a little bit more. When they see you are respectful and kind, it will resonate with you.

Stay prepared

Make copies of your important documents, i.e. passport, credit cards, medical cards, and travel itinerary before you embark. Give a copy to an immediate family member or someone close back home and also keeps a set for yourself. Email this information and documents to yourself using a web-based email account so you can access it anytime you need it.

Early to bed and early to rise

Research says that most of the violent crimes happen during the dark. What you think is a secure, homey or touristy neighborhood at 3 pm can easily turn into a breeding ground for crime at 3 am. So, start and end your day early can keep you protected from a potentially dangerous situation.

Bring only a few cash and be simple

It is always safe to just bring a few cash while roaming around. Do not be flashy. Wearing fancy pieces of jewelry or bringing expensive gadgets makes you an easy robbery target. Just wear a plastic watch and bring decoy wallet. In case you get held up, you won't fret giving it up. It's always a great idea to put your wallet in your front pocket and switch your backpack to the front in case you're walking on a crowded street.

Party in groups

If you can't help but want to enjoy a night out, it is always wise to do it in groups and take care of each other. As mentioned in # 3, most places can get dangerous when it gets dark. Head to the party and go home in a group and to be safer, ride a taxi (registered taxis are highly recommended).

Always be sober

During the party, keep an eye on your drink and do not just accept liquor from anyone. Do not gulp down too much so you won't get wasted. Staying sober helps you to think more clearly and be more in control of any situation.

Trust your instincts

Of course, your goal would be to travel again or go home unharmed. So, in case you get caught up in a dangerous situation, keep your cool and get away from it safely, whenever you can. Always be on the lookout for some chaos and if you do, cross to the other side of the street and don’t play a hero.