Snorkeling is a fun activity. Others consider snorkeling as the best way to enjoy the underwater world without being a certified scuba diver. Before you go ahead and snorkel, read this article and get to know your snorkeling gear. This article will showcase the types and parts of snorkel masks and how to take care of them.

1. Traditional/Standard Mask

This is the common type of snorkel mask we see used by first-time snorkelers or even seasoned snorkelers. This is composed of a mask (with or without frame), and a snorkel (you can choose a dry one). This can be high volume or low volume, with purge valve or without.

Standard Snorkel Mask

2. Full Face Mask

This type of mask is a combination of mask and snorkel in one unit. There are many brands in the market for full face masks from low-quality masks and high-end quality. This mask is a great alternative to standard masks because of its benefits:

  1. Natural Breathing – Now you just don’t breathe using your mouth. Using a full face mask you can either breathe through your nose or mouth. Yes, most people prefer this type because this mask can make them more relaxed underwater allowing them to snorkel longer.
  2. Visibility – Your vision using a full face snorkel mask is up to 180 degrees. This is wider compared to a standard mask whereas the frames seals behind your vision line.
  3. Sealed – Full face mask seals your entire face, this decreases the water getting into your mask. Plus the rear strap allows you to move freely because it holds the mask in place.

Full Face Snorkel Mask ABTECH Sport

ABTECH Sport Full Face Snorkel Mask

Some people still prefer the traditional/standard snorkel mask over the full face one. However, there are people who choose the full face. Well, it is a matter of choice! 

We just enumerated the types of snorkel masks. Now, let us check its parts! Not all people may be keen on this. Yeah, most of the people won’t bother taking time to get to know their snorkel masks. As long as it fits and it does not hurt, they are good to go! However, if you are like me who is someone who always asks for details, keep reading!

Parts of a snorkel mask, what are those? Check on them below.

1. The Skirt

Haha! I know what you are thinking. This is not the skirt you are thinking yow! In snorkeling, both guys and girls wear skirts when wearing a mask. It is the sheet connected to the frame of your mask.

Mask skirts can be made of rubber, TPR (transparent rubber), PVC, Silicone and many others. Most skirts are commonly made of rubber. However, what we recommend are silicone ones because rubber tends to be brittle in time but silicone can last for many years. Plus silicon is chlorine resistant and more comfortable for your skin.

2. The Lens

This very easy to identify. I know you already know which is among the parts are the lenses. Lenses are plastics or tempered glass. Tempered glass is the material preferred by many because of its strength and because it is hard to break. Some lenses also are fancy, they call them mirrored lenses. However, it has a negative side. It has a tendency to reflect back at fishes you see underwater. You don’t want to irritate them!

3. The Frame

You can buy a mask with a frame or frameless. A mask with a frame is made of lightweight plastics. If you choose to buy frameless, this is more lightweight and much more flexible.

Parts of a Snorkel Mask

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4. The Straps and its Buckle System

We use straps to hold the mask to the face. Straps should comfortably fit. Some people use neoprene straps to avoid hair entanglement. You will connect the strap to a buckle system made either out of metal, plastics or combination. The important part of this buckle system is the roll bar which makes the threading of the strap convenient. Last but not the least, the strap keepers. Its purpose is to keep the mask adjustment stable.

5. Nose Pocket 

You need the nose pocket to cover your nose so you can keep the pressure inside the mask equal to the water pressure outside. When equalizing, an easy-to-reach nose pocket can make it easy for you to pinch your nose.

Full Face Snorkel Mask ABTECH Sport

6. Purge Valve

At the bottom of the nose pocket, you will see a little flap valve called a purge valve. In any case, water has entered your nose pocket, this valve will help you clear out your mask. A purge valve helps you to get the water out without you removing your mask. It is advisable to carry extra valves in case that you accidentally damaged your existing purge valve. Oh, by the way, there are masks without purge valves!

Your snorkel mask is your window to the underwater realm. You want it clear and fog-free, right? Okay, continue reading this post to learn how to take good care of your snorkel mask.

1. Clean your mask

You want your mask to last for a long time; hence, you need to clean it just right after unboxing and after each use. Others use toothpaste for cleaning. When cleaning, apply the toothpaste both inside and outside of the lenses. Rinse it (hot water) while rubbing it using a washcloth. Then wipe the lenses with your fingers until you hear that squeaking noise.

2. De-fog your mask

There are many anti-fog solutions available on Amazon. Spray and swish to your mask and you are done. Refrain from touching it. Well, you know our fingers are dirty!

3. Stick it on your face!

Make sure that when you wear your snorkel mask, you keep it on your face. Refrain from removing it! Everytime you remove it, the defog solution’s effectiveness will decrease.

4. Stay away from the sun

Well, I know this is almost impossible. However, the truth is temperature changes affects the lenses of your mask. The immediate shift from cold to hot can slowly damage your mask. So, try to turn away from the sun!

How to take care of your snorkel mask