Are you planning for perfect water games for your kids to play? Whether you will throw a beach or pool party, or just planning a family vacation activity, kids love playing in the water. I’m pretty sure, you couldn’t agree more. Here is a list of water games your kids can play in summer.

The Invisible Bottle Swimming Pool Game

In this game, you would need a two-liter plastic bottle filled with pool water. As much as possible, use one with a white cap or a cap that has the same color as your pool tile. While the players are facing their backs on the water, have them line up on the pool deck. Throw the water into the pool. When the players hear the splash, they have to turn around to find it. The water would then camouflage the bottle so the players would have a hard time finding it.

Kids Swimming ABTECH Sport

Popsicle Pool Game

This is a game of freeze-tag in the water. Once a player is tagged, they need to stand straight, having their hands above their head, just like a popsicle. Once a player is underwater, they cannot be tagged. Although when the player is underwater, they can tag a frozen player and unfreeze them.

The Octopus Pool Game

A player is chosen to be “It.” The players in this game would try to get to the other side of the pool without being tagged by It. But once a player is tagged, they have to join hands with it while in the pool. They would need to join It in tagging other players. For every player tagged, they would have to hold hands with the players attached to It. Later on, the line will get long. The last player standing that is not linked to the others will be the next It.

Sponge Tag

Have a bucket and fill it with water and affordable sponges. One player should be designated as “It.” Then, someone should shout “Go!” The IT would try to tag other players by throwing wet sponges. The last player left will become the next “It.”