All sports need to be executed in a physically active way, whether it’s done on dry land or water. But you might get surprised there are sports that are good or even ideal for people with mobility issues. In fact, it gives a much more freedom for these people to move openly. Here are the top water sports that can be done by people with disability.

Disability Sailing

Sailing for disabled athletes started in the 1980s. Later on, it was included in 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games before it was given full medal status at the 2000 Sydney Paralympics. Currently, this sport has offer persons of disabilities the chance to experience freedom of sailing as more standard boats are fitting for people with disabilities. A lot of boats and yachts are constructed with disabled people in mind.

Disability Water Skiing

Water skiing for disabled people is a bit different since it has a special seat in it. This gives disabled people a moment to feel the speed or "sensation of riding" across the waves. This started in the 1980s when American bare-footed water skier Royce Andes encountered an accident and became a tetraplegic as a result. He then created a seated water-ski called the "KAN ski", which was tested by paraplegics.

Disability Swimming

Swimming is a competitive sport. But for people with disabilities, the water helps them move without assistance. Quadriplegics benefit more from the buoyancy conditions. Also, swimming has high psychological and therapeutic value for these people. This is because swimming vitalizes mobility in the joints and helps circulation and breathing. Also, the buoyancy alleviates body strains which help a person with disability to move without any assistance.

Disability Diving
You may have asked this question but yes, diving is also suitable for disabled people because a paraplegic diver can swiftly move his/her body freely underwater. Only, a diver, should have no problems with the heart, circulatory and respiratory tract, nasal sinuses and ears, whether he/she is disabled or not.  The only exceptions are the mentally challenged people.