We will never run out of weird (looking) stuff on this planet and the ocean world is not an exemption. There are countless of species we can find under the sea. Most of them are pretty good-looking, some are not. But don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean these are bad or harmful creatures. It just means they look odd. Meet the underwater creatures that we may find to be fascinatingly spooky.

Pink See-Through Fantasia

What’s in a name? Yes, a lot of people think this is some kind of sexy undies but, nope! The pink see-through fantasia is a sea cucumber. It can be found in the east of Borneo, a mile and a half deep in the Celebes Sea in the western Pacific.

Clown Frogfish

Members of the frogfish family have unique features – a lineup of stripes, spots, warts, and other skin anomalies which allow them to impersonate rocks or plants that surround them. They do camouflage or even change colors to keep themselves concealed in their reef homes. 

Christmas Tree Worm

The Christmas Tree Worm was discovered by some scientists at the Great Barrier Reef's Lizard Island. They named it as such because it looks like a plastic Christmas tree. It has spiral branches that are actually the worm's breathing and feeding apparatus. The worm itself resides in a tube but it has the ability to withdraw its tree-like crowns if in danger.

Red-lipped Batfish

This fish does look like it has a red lipstick on its pouting lips. Its fins are designed to walk the seafloor near the Galápagos Islands. Batfishes use a built-in fishing rod nozzle with a retractable appendage. This allows them to entice its prey close to their lips. By the way, their lips are less noticeable minus a photographer’s flash.