If you are going to ask people what hinders them from traveling, most of them would have a unanimous answer: money. But there are tons of ways you can do to travel even with a limited budget. Yes, you read it right. You don’t need to be rich to travel. In fact, when your money is restricted, it can sometimes lead bringing out your creativity that could result in funnier or more meaningful travel experiences.

Budget Traveling

So here are some smart hacks on how to travel on a budget.

Score cheap tickets online

So, here is when your creativity comes in. Why not learn how to become a flight search savvy especially online? Always be on the lookout for seat sales. To do that, subscribe to the email listings of any airlines and follow them on social media. They are most likely to announce in advance their next seat sale schedule. Comparison websites like Skyscanner can also be your best friend so better take advantage of it. Also, try flying to less popular airports as tickets are often cheaper.

Bring a backpack and travel at night

Especially for long travels or flights, choose your journey at night to save a night’s hotel accommodation. Also, forget the checked-in bags and just bring a backpack. If not, bring only the bag just enough for the first checked bag. Leave your bulky suitcases at home as most airlines charge. You will find this tip very helpful when you...

Do Couchsurfing or stay in a free hostel and be a volunteer

Once again, there are innovative ways on how to stay somewhere for free. is one of the latest trends. It helps travelers worldwide to stay with locals willing to accommodate them for free. Another option is to stay in free hostels. Well, not really free because you will have free accommodation in exchange for your skills. You can do it via This allows you to collaborate with your hostel and do things for them whatever your skill is! You can also volunteer at and get a free room and meals.

Skip cafes and cook your meal

It is nice to eat where the locals eat and be immersed in their culture and cuisine but it pays more if you cook most of your meals. This allows you to save $50-100 a day especially if you are traveling with your family. This is why it is important for you to choose an accommodation that has a kitchen. In case there is none, make sandwiches and salads on the go and put them on containers (another way for you to be creative). Not only will you save money, you will also save time by stopping at restaurants just to dine out.

Look for anything free

Most tourist spots like museums have free days or discounted days. Do a research on their website for this info in advance. Also, ditch the cabs and try to walk around the area or use public transport or do biking. This is not only to save money but to take time exploring the place.