There is actually no hard and fast rule in snorkeling. But there are right and wrong ways to do snorkeling. Don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to be a Michael Phelps to snorkel. Newbies can do it. Kids can do it. Experts can do it. You only need to practice a little bit or if you can’t help it, use a life vest.

Here are some of the basic things to remember. You are doing snorkeling wrong…
1. When you begin to develop muscle cramps, feel breathless or tired.

Take time to learn the techniques that help you snorkel but not experiencing those mishaps. If you have no time or chance to learn and you need to snorkel, at least surround yourself with friends who can assist you or join a tour group. Make use of life vest especially if you are a non-swimmer.

2. When you don’t try out on shallow waters if you are a novice.

It is highly recommended for you to practice breathing through a tube preferably in swimming pool or sandy beaches.

3. When you don’t put the snorkel in your mouth at all times.

But first of all, bite the mouthpiece slightly so it will seal in your lips then hold the snorkel in the right position. Then, exhale before breathing in. This would ensure no water is in. To avoid this, use a full face snorkel mask.

4. If you don’t test the snorkel first.

Try taking in slow breaths through the tube then you can proceed to take deep breaths after. In this way, you can ensure the snorkel works as expected.

5. If you feel scared or nervous.

You can always lift your head since you are floating. Keep calm and always be mindful of your breaths.

6. If you don’t test your snorkeling skills first before you test it to the ocean.

Do this by placing your head under the water, breath using a snorkel then feel if water is coming inside the tube. If it does, you need to hold your breath and always remember not to inhale using the tube.

7. If you don’t clear the snorkel from the water.

This can be done by lifting the snorkel above the sea level. Then, you need to exhale through the tube strongly and vigorously. This would force the water out from the tube.

8. If you happen to swallow water while snorkeling.

If you think the water was not totally removed from the snorkel barrel, you need to inhale slowly and in a relaxed way. Then, gather all your energy and air to blast all the waters out.

9. If you swim too fast.

Always make sure to swim at a relaxed and safe speed. This is to make sure you don’t use all your energy and exhaust yourself. Just go with the flow and keep both arms at your sides.

10. When you feel the need to hurry up.

Snorkeling is such a fun activity that is supposed to make you relaxed. But if you hurry up, you miss the whole point.