Snorkel Mask - Adult

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Snorkel Mask Full Face ABTECH - GoPro Mount - Ultra Wide 180 Panoramic View - Dual Airflow Anti-Fog Channel - Dry Top Technology - Includes a Waterproof Phone Case and a Nose Clip - Adult size

  • 180° FULL FACE DESIGN AND GO PRO COMPATIBLE: With a 180° field of vision you can easily sight more sea life with our mask and snorkeling will be more adventurous than ever. And with an integrated GoPro mount, you can easily attach your GoPro camera to share and flaunt your thrilling experiences with your friends and family.
  • COMFORTABLE TUBELESS DESIGN: No hassle of holding the tube in your mouth with our unique tubeless full face design. So you can breathe more comfortably with your mouth and nose and take in more undersea beauty.
  • ANTI LEAK WATERPROOF DESIGN: The dry top snorkel system at the top of the mask allows the valve to close automatically to prevent water from entering the breathing tube.
  • DUAL AIR FLOW ANTI-FOG CHANNEL: Our snorkel mask has a separate breathing chamber that takes airflow away from your main viewing visor and helps you see the crystal-clear sea world viewing without any fogging.
  • FUN AND EASY TO USE: Now snorkeling is more enjoyable for all age groups! Spend less time fussing with equipment and more time enjoying your snorkeling experience. Multiple sizes available.

Introducing the all new ABTECH 180° snorkeling mask, with the latest design which has clubbed the snorkel and full face features into one must have stylish mask for the undersea adventurers.

Here’s why you must buy this mask for the ultimate snorkelling experience:

. 180° Panoramic View: The full face snorkel mask helps you revel in a 180° panoramic view, so that you can see more, enjoy more and make more happy memories!

. Tubeless Design: Brings more comfort to your snorkelling experience as you no longer have to keep that uncomfortable tube in your mouth for breathing underwater. Neither will you suffer any gag reflex or a sore mouth from biting on a traditional snorkel. Breathe as naturally as on dry land.

. Silicone Mask Insert: Offers a comfortable fit without any pressure points as found on other masks, so you can spend all your time and focus on snorkelling only.

. Anti-Leak, Anti Fog: The anti-leak dry top waterproof technology prevents the water from entering the mask and even if it does, the one-way chin valve will drain out the water once you reach the surface. Slow breathing through the nose reduces chances of fogging.

. For all the family: This mask is perfect for all age groups whether they are casual snorkelers or just beginners. The shatterproof window adds safety along with crystal clear viewing.


- 1 full face snorkel mask with an integrated GoPro mount

- 1 water proof phone case

- 1 nose clip


CAUTION! This mask is recommended for surface snorkelling or moderate swimming only


If you're looking forward to a great snorkelling experience, don’t wait! Buy the ABTECH snorkel mask today!

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